Landscape Design: Best Plants for Your Deck or Patio

Every summer many of us spend hours upon hours just lounging on our patios and decks. We all love enjoying our home outside and inside. One way to enhance your already wonderful patio or deck is to landscape around it or add plants and flowers. This little addition is worth the effort, and will have you, your family and friends wanting to spend all their time on your favourite outside spot.

Here are some backyard landscaping ideas to help liven up your patio or deck with plants and flowers.

Plant in Levels

Place some pots and planting boxes on the floor and plant them with low growing, mounding plants that look good when viewed from above. Use mounting brackets to secure window boxes to deck railings.Hang baskets at standing eye level so the entire area has a strong sense of height.

Grow a Natural Screen

If you need privacy or shelter from the wind, edge the patio or deck with tall shrubs or use tall ornamental grasses, which remain attractive through winter. For privacy on a busy street, use lattice panels planted with quick-growing vines.Many front gardens have a gradient, which makes mowing a lawn impractical. Here we’ll llook at some easy landscaping ideas for a sloped site

Soften the Edges

Surround your deck or patio with small shrubs to minimize hard edges while preserving the view. Fragrant plants are especially welcome, but avoid those that have prickly leaves or thorns.

Create a Garden Amphitheatre

If your patio is sunken or at the bottom of a slope, surround it with a terraced garden. Use complementary materials for stairs, paths, and retaining walls, and plant the beds with a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, and groundcovers.

Minimize Mess

Keep plants that drop fruits or seedpods far from a patio or deck. Cherry, mulberry, crabapple, and other fruit will stain the surface and furniture, and nuts, catkins, and other debris will need to be swept up. Limit spills by keeping containers and plants out of high-traffic areas.It is easier to build and securely anchor a timber wall than any masonry counterpart. And since installing a single 8-foot long timber immediately creates 4 square feet of wall, timber walls can be built faster than one-at-a-time block or stone walls, especially when it comes to constructing long, straight sections.

Clean Stains from Your Patio

If you do get plant or even nasty rust stains on your concrete patio, here’s how to get rid of them. Mix unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid with hot water. Scrub and the stain should come right out.

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