How Internet And Technology Changed The World

Before the internet, things were much simpler. People went to the library for information, people used maps to navigate, and word of mouth was the means of social media. Now that the internet exists, many things have changed. The way we think, the way we utilize tools, and the information we know now compared to before is completely different.

Social media raises awareness of what exists in the world. Things such as restaurants that create innovative creations, catastrophes that occur in the world, and funny skits are open to the world for seeing. Essentially, the time period that we are in now is the information age. People are becoming more aware of things due to the nature of the internet.

Search tools such as Google allow people to know more about the world and makes things much more accessible. Information that had to be searched within the library is now in an individual’s fingertips, whether it be a phone or computer. Information about anything is much easier to access compared to just two decades ago.

Overall, the internet is a strange place. People can be different on the internet compared to who they are in real life. The internet allows for people to be who they want to be, creating an image for themselves that may be skewed to who they really are in person. Meeting strangers on the internet can be sketchy, and it should be approached with caution, since people on the internet can be something that they are not.

People also can tend to be more judgmental and critical over the internet since they are saying things to the screen, therefore not affecting themselves when saying negative things on the internet. People on the internet tend to skew information their way to favor their opinion, and can distort information given to them to use against others. These sorts of commentary can be found on comment sections on social media, specifically against people such as politicians or any famous person.

Technology and the Future

Technology itself is linked to the internet since most information that we have is archived into the internet. Due to the internet, competition between technology companies has increased rapidly, causing new innovative technologies to come out at a rapid pace. The computer language in the beginning used to be changing at a slow pace, but nowadays, computer language rapidly changes to keep up with all the changes that occur within technology.

The internet created many jobs. Now there are video editors, entertainers, gamers, website creators, programmers, and even more. It is more viable to work from home now that the internet exists. A case can be made that in the end, technology could potentially kill off a lot of jobs that require manual work, replacing for instance, people such as janitors or fast food workers.

However, the important things to note is that technology allows for opportunity, and overall makes people’s lives much easier than before. There is a lot of things that people can do on the internet, from surfing the internet, watching videos, or communicating to others. When the time comes that jobs tend to be harder to find due to the increase of population, work will become limited to things such as programming. Of course, these type of things are hard to speculate, but one thing for sure is that technology will continue to grow, and there will never be a shortage for jobs like programming.

The internet changed the world in strange ways. The way people communicate, the way people think, the way people are nowadays are much different than before the internet existed. Things are much more complex nowadays, and standards increased over time due to the nature of the internet. People have become more aware of their surroundings, and the way that things work in the world have changed greatly due to technology. The future seems uncertain, but the outcome is sure to be positive for the internet and technology.

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