5 Reasons Why Single Women Should Have Pets!

Being single is fun and all but we have to admit that at times it gets lonely. Especially, if you are a woman who lives alone. Would it not be wonderful to know that someone is waiting desperately for you to get home just so they can shower you with love and adulation?

This is where pets come in and we give you a few reasons why you must have a pet if you are single.

1. Your very own welcoming party

Just imagine opening the door and having a ball of fur running at you, all excited just at the sight of you! Any issue that might have been bothering you melts into nothingness at this.

2. Cuddle Partner

Sleeping with your pet is just like sleeping with your teddy bear when you were little, except that the latter does not breathe! It even makes you feel safe to feel a warm body next to you. No more waking up to an empty room after nightmares.

3. Perfect Listener

A boyfriend might lose his patience listening to you whine about your problems and musings all day but a pet never gets tired of you. Talking to your pet and spending time with it is a great way to vent and is also a good stress buster.

4. Good measuring stick

You might wonder how. Animals are usually a good judge of human characters as they can easily understand the shift in a person’s mood or temperament. If you start dating someone new introduce him to your pet. A person who cannot be kind to animals can never be a good human being and this helps you to see what the guy is really like.

5. Makes you responsible

To know that another life depends on you make you more responsible and gives you new perspectives on life. You will start to think twice before taking important decisions. Moreover it prepares you in a way for the future if you plan on having children.

So instead of sulking around alone at home, all you single ladies out there should just adopt a dog or a cat or even buy a fish if you think you cannot handle a mammal. It’s an experience to cherish and you end up having made a best friend for life, someone who would never hurt you.

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