10 Celebrity Pets And Their Famous Owners

We love, adore and admire these famous celebrities. Most of us may even name our children after them.  Yes, this love is not crazy. The famous stars have a similar kind of love for their pets which they are not afraid to share socially.

Let’s have a look at the famous pets and their parents:

  1. Sirius Black Grande

Well, Ariana Grande added this new pup to her pet family, naming it after the famous Harry Potter character, Sirius Black.

  1. Fuller Moretz

This cute dog owned by Chloe Grace Moretz has been named after Bradley Fuller, the producer of The Amityville Horror, because the actress was enchanted by him after working on the film.

  1. Meredith

The famous kitty Meredith, owned by Taylor Swift, is all over Instagram and has been named after no one but the lead character in Greys Anatomy.

  1. Fitz Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s love for dogs rescued this little pup. It has been named after F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of Lauren’s favorite book, The Great Gatsby.

  1. Cleo “Chaz Bono” Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence originally named her kitty Cleo, but now it is known by her nick name- Chaz Bono, after Sonny and Cher’s son.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana, Louis & Vuitton Jenner

Well, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are famous for their fashion. No doubt, they named their pets after the famous designer brands.

  1. Asia Kinney

This famous model dog with 120,000 followers on Instagram, is owned by Lady Gaga

  1. Floyd

The Alasakan Klee Kai owned by none other than Miley Cyrus was named Floyd, reasons obvious!! The death of her dog, left her heart broken.

  1. Bear

No, we aren’t talking about a bear here. Jennifer Lopez has named her big guy (a dog) Bear. Quite a name

  1. Cecil

The crazy Cara Delevigne has an adorable bunny rabbit named Cecil with its own Twitter and Instagram account.

No matter how rich these celebs are, they believe in sheltering the rescued animals. Many of them have a family of pets, some of which are bought and some salvaged. There is something important they want us to learn. Don’t they?

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